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Invest in what CTFG is doing in Greensboro!

Give Today

God loves a cheerful giver.

How many times have you heard that in church? Has it ever made you feel guilty? Have you ever felt manipulated by it? Something like "Time to pay up, and you better get a smile on your face!" If that's been your experience, we'd love to invite you to try something different.

Why not give when you feel like giving? Why not give because you're cheerful, and not because you think you need to be in order to make God cheerful.

At Catch The Fire Greensboro, we believe that giving is a real and powerful way to re-align yourself to God's priorities.  We encourage people to consider giving 10% of their income as a way of settling the issue of "who owns this money" in your hearts. More than that though we invite you to ask Holy Spirit how He wants you to give.

We trust God to provide every resource that this growing church needs and we know that as we have given what we have away, God has blessed us. We challenge you to discover the joy of giving as well!